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Streamstar Functionality Overview

Wide range of inputs and outputs, instant replays with slow-motion on all cameras, superb graphics,
video clips library, playlists, IP remote camera control, remote production capabilities and a lot more!



capture smarter

Streamstar SW offers the maximum flexibility in capturing, recording and media management.

It accepts the widest range of video inputs (SDI, HDMI, IP, NDI), formats and supports all major I/O device manufacturers.
It offers internal ISO recording of all cameras, high-quality PGM recording, stream recording in H.264 and all replays recording.
It also features an amazing media management and playout system with media editing, playlists and instant highlights packages creation capabilities.


Supported cards

The most powerful live production tools at your command.

Clear logic, streamlined workflows, intuitive user interface and extreme speed of operation provide the greatest creative freedom and flexibility.

  • Switching - Mixing modes with automation
  • Replays and Slow Motion on all cameras
  • Dynamic replay camera switching
  • Sequential replay playback
  • Replay playlists and highlights
  • Variable speed replay playback
  • Replays Lead-in/out animations
  • Monetisation of commercial content
  • Individual replay camera favorites
  • Replay tags and notes
  • 4 DSK/Graphics channels with transparency
  • Internal Character Generator
  • Live timer and score controls
  • Live soprts graphics templates
  • PIP screen layouts
  • Split screen layouts
  • Playlists playout system
  • JVC camcorders remote control over IP
  • Remote production capability
  • Audio mixer
  • Dual display support
  • Intercom and Tally lights integration
  • Scoreplus - Live Scores and Titles generator
  • Intuitive, ultra fast, touch-screen interface
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • True 4:4:4:4 ARGB, video processing
Streamstar SW monitor


Supported streaming platforms

Highest quality streams
to any commercial streaming platform or to your own infrastructure, send professional SDI signals to recorders, TV studios or satellite trucks, use HDMI outputs to drive local venue TV networks or stadium LED boards
Streamstar gives you all the output options to reach your clients with just a few clicks.

  • Built in H.264 encoder
  • H.264 encoding profile configuration
  • Full HD, RTMP streaming up to 1080p @ 10Mbps;
  • Simultaneous MPEG-TS streaming
  • HD-SDI output
  • HDMI output
  • Stream recording
  • Full HD internal recording
  • All camera ISO recording
  • Replays recording with audio
  • Popular CDNs and streaming platforms presets
  • Streaming profiles Save/Load


Streamstar is the only product on the market that includes an innovative and highly automated all camera replay and slow motion system that is extremely powerful, super-fast and super-easy to operate. It gives a single operator unprecedented control over the replay capture and playback process. Besides all the standard replay functionality the system offers several unique features not found in any other product on the market like instant replay sequences creation or dynamic replay camera angle switching during replay playback. It is the most efficient replay system ever invented. This Streamstar unique technology (patent pending) has no match in the industry and it makes Streamstar SW the best choice for live sports production in particular.

Replay system features:
  • Instant replay capture on all channels
  • Slow Motion playback
  • Variable framerate playback
  • Freeze frame / pause in replay playback
  • Replay camera switching in playback
  • Instant replay sequences playback
  • Instant replay playlists
  • Replay playback automation
  • Lead-In/Out Transitions
  • Audio in replays
  • Ingest and graphics on/off automation
  • In between replays wipes on/off automation
  • Super-fast (0.5 sec.) replay capture
  • Super-fast replay playback availability
  • Replays with sound recording
  • Replay tags and notes
  • Individual replay camera favorites
  • Post-replay camera switching automation
  • Monetising system
  • Keyboard shortcuts
Streamstar 6cam replay


JVC remote camera control

Another unique Streamstar feature allows the user to control up to 6 remote JVC camcorders or PTZ cameras over IP directly from your Streamstar Software. Create camera presets, groups and group presets and automate your production. A whole new world of remote production possibilities is now at your command with Streamstar.

JVC camcorders and PTZ cams remote control features:
  • Tally light
  • Resolution & bitrate
  • Destination of IP video stream
  • Recording ON/OFF
  • Camera full/manual mode
  • Iris, Gain, Shutter, WB settings
  • PTZ camera control with presets
  • PTZ Groups creation with presets


Extreme performance as second nature


HD-SDI Input I/O device dependent
HDMI Input I/O device dependent
IP Video Stream Input 4
External Source Input with keying over HDMI / DVI / IP inputs I/O device dependent
HD-SDI Output I/O device dependent
GPU based HDMI Output (Multiview grid / PGM) I/O device dependent
HDMI Output (PGM) I/O device dependent
SDI/HDMI Embeded Audio I/O device dependent
Audio Monitor
USB/PCIe Audio Card Support
All Channel Replays
Slow Motion Replay Playback
Media - Unlimited Playback
Playlists Media Management System
Real time camera preview, Media, Graphics
Switching/Mixing/PIP/Split layouts
External Multi-screen Extended Screen output using HDMI Configurable to - full PGM / 4 Inputs Grid / All 4 Inputs + PGM
Graphics DSK - unlimited 4 layers of DSK with full transparency support
1.CG - Character generator; 2.Overlays - animations in .FLV or images in .PNG format; 3. Logo - .PNG or .FLV; 4. HDMI/DVI Input with keying
Internal Character Generator with Templates
Recording ISO recording of all cameras in MPGEG2 Intraframe
HD: MPEG2 @ 18 Mpbs or SD: MPEG2 @ 8 Mbps
Simultaneous Stream Recording H264/mp4 at Streaming Settings
Live streaming Up to 1080p @10Mbps
RTMP (H264 + AAC)
RTMP & MPEG-TS simultaneous output
Audio Mixer Integrated, full featured audio mixer with monitoring, videofollow, muting, peaking...
Supported Video Input Formats 720p25, 720p29.97, 720p30, 720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p30, SD
Supported Media Playback Formats mp4, m4v, wmv, mpg, mpeg, ts, avi, flv
Video Processing Full 4:4:4:4 / ARGB / progressive video processing


PLEASE NOTE: To ensure optimal results, a system running Streamstar SW, needs to meet certain requirements.
Therefore we highly recommend the following hardware configurations:

Standard PC

  • Intel Core i7 5820K CPU or similar 6-core porcessor (for up to 720p@50/60 fps streaming) or Intel Core i7 5960X CPU (for up to 1080p@25/30 streaming)
  • 16GB (4 x 4GB quad channel) DDR4, 2133 MHz RAM
  • Windows 7 Professional 64Bit OS
  • 128GB or higher SATA SSD – primary drive
  • 500GB or higher 7200RPM 64MB cache SATA HDD (SSD Recommended) – secondary drive
  • Video Card: EVGA , PNY or other brands GPU – GTX960 4GB Memory GDDR5 PCI Express x16 3.0
  • FULL HD Monitor with 1920*1080 resolution

HP Workstations

  • HP Z440,640,840 workstation or higher with Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 1650 v3 CPU (for up to 720p@50/60 fps streaming) or Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 1660 v3 CPU (for up to 1080p@25/30fps streaming)
  • 16GB (4 x 4GB quad channel) DDR4, 2133 MHz RAM
  • Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit OS
  • 128GB or higher SATA SSD – primary drive
  • 500GB or higher 7200RPM 64MB cache SATA HDD (SSD Recommended) – secondary drive
  • Video Card:
    EVGA , PNY or other brands GPU – GTX960 4GB Memory GDDR5 PCI Express x16 3.0
    or NVIDIA Quadro K2200 4GB Memory GDDR5 PCI Express x16 2.0
    or NVIDIA Quadro K4200 4GB Memory GDDR5 PCI Express x16 2.0
  • FULL HD Monitor with 1920*1080 resolution