Connect any professional or consumer camera/camcorder, use IP videostreams, NDI sources, presentations on laptops, action cams, drones, smartphones...
Anything goes!

  • Up to 8 camera inputs
  • Progressive or intelaced
  • Up to 50/60 FPS
  • Supported input interfaces:
    HD-SDI | HDMI | IP
  • Supported IP formats:
    NDI | HLS | RTMP | RTSP | UDP | UDP Multicast



Deliver highest quality video to any destination with just a few clicks.

  • Send encoded video stream to streaming platforms or to your own infrastructure
  • Send professional HD-SDI signals to recorders
  • send MPEG-TS to TV studios or satellite trucks
  • use HDMI outputs to drive local TV networks or stadium LED boards
  • send IP video streams to remote control centers

  • Available output interfaces:
    • HD-SDI
    • HDMI
    • RTMP - multi-destination streaming
    • MPEG TS simultaneous with RTMP
    • NDI


Switching - Mixing


Streamstar is a powerful vision mixer and switcher that enables you to create professional live productions with unprecented speed and ease of use.

  • Brilliant and extremely efficient touch screen GUI allows for greatest speed of operation unmatched by any other solution.
  • The intuitive design also makes Streamstar the easiest-to-use and learn live production switcher in the world.
  • 3 standard MIXING MODES with automated execution, duration adjustment and a choice of transition wipes are provided.
  • Easily accessible PIP and SPLIT SCREEN templates allow complex image compositions to be ready in seconds.

Simple Switching


Switch cameras by tapping the camera preview monitors on a touch-screen, mouse-clicking or using the keyboard.

Mixing Modes selection


1. Direct Cut
2. Crossfade - with duration adjustment
3. Transition - a choice of 9 transitions with duration adjustment

Transition Wipes selection


Choose one of 9 animated wipes for transition effects, adjust duration, preview execution and save.

PIP & Split screen layouts


Easily accessible PIP and SPLIT SCREEN templates allow complex image compositions ready in seconds.

  • Any camera, media file or replay captured can be used as source for any PIP/SPLIT area.
  • Ready made PIP/SPLIT compositions are saved for repeated used and can be inserted into live PGM by a single touch/click.
  • The content of a PIP/SPILT template can be easily edited or cleared.
  • The PIP/SPILT templates can be edited using Streamstar's own PIP/SPLIT editor application that comes pre-installed on every system.
  • Using the PIP/SPILT editor app customers can create different PIP/SPLIT template sets and load them as needed.

PIP / SPLIT Layout Templates


Select a PIP or Split Screen Layout by activating the respective button in the main menu.

PIP Templates selection


Choose from 9 PIP layout templates, assign sources to PIP areas and insert the layout into live PGM in a matter of seconds.

SPLIT Templates selection


Choose from 9 SPLIT layout templates, assign sources to SPLIT areas and insert the layout into live PGM in a matter of seconds.

PIP / SPLIT Editor application


Modify and create your own PIP/SPLIT layout templates with the supplied PIP/SPLIT editor app.

Graphics layers


Streamstar offers 4 DSK layers for insertion of graphics, animations and external sources to enhance your productions.

  • LOGO - branding your productions

  • OVERLAYS - insert prerendered graphics and animations

  • CG - internal CG (Character Generator) graphics - lower thirds, crawls, live sports scores and timers with dynamic control and ready to use graphics templates

  • INGEST - insert graphics from external sources via NDI or HDMI



Streamstar designed an all new, intelligent, automated replay system that is extremely efficient, super-fast and super-easy-to-use.
It greatly surpasses "old-school" replay systems making it the most advanced replay system available.

  • It offers unprecedented control over the replay capture and playback process. With a click of a button replays of 3 different durations can be captured on all selected channels and in a fraction of a second made instantly available for preview and playback.
  • The system offers several replay modes, replay sequences or dynamic replay camera angle switching during replay playback as well as advanced features like instant highlights creation and replay playlists.
  • This unique technology (patent pending) has no match in the industry. It is included with every Streamstar system.

  • Selectable replay channels
  • Instant replay capture
  • Replay preview loops
  • Slow Motion replay playback
  • Variable framerate playback
  • Freeze frame / pause in replay playback
  • Replay camera switching in playback
  • Instant replay sequences playback
  • Replay playback automation
  • Animated Lead-In/Out Transitions
  • Audio in replays
  • Ingest and graphics switch-on/off automation
  • Replays wipes on/off automation
  • Super-fast (0.5 sec.) replay capture
  • Super-fast replay playback
  • Instant replay highlights playlists
  • Replays recording with audio
  • Replay tags and notes
  • Individual replay camera favorites
  • Post-replay camera switching automation
  • Monetising system

Volleyball live production:

Football live production:

Basketball live production:

Slow motion replay playback



An essential part of the replay system the Slow Motion feature offers variable speed replay playback and freeze frame capability.

  • Default replay playback speed setting
  • Fast/Forward playback speed control
  • Slow/Forward playback speed control
  • Freeze frame, Pause / Continue replay playback
  • Keyboard shortcuts for all functions

Media player


Media library and media player allow you to use an unlimited number of media files in your productions.

  • Manage the media library from a media list view
  • Preview - play media files in a preview monitor
  • In/Out point editing - quicky trim video files
  • Add to Playlist - assign media to playlist to quickly create blocks of content
  • Create loops or play files repeatedly



Create and control the playback of comprehensive blocks of content with just a few clicks.

  • Easily assemble a playlist from media files in your media library or create replay highlights.
  • View and manage the contents of a playlist and control its playback, mute audio, sort or delete a playlist item or the entire playlist.
  • Setup loops for individual files in the playlist or the entire playlist to cover commercial breaks in your broadcasts or any other purposes.
  • Monitor the playlist playback and skip back and forth in the playlist as needed by simply clicking any item in the playlist.
Playlists content management panel



Trigger multi-layer visual compositions at a push of a button.

  • Capture SCENES which are the combination of all elements presently in live PGM and recall them instantly.
  • Combine SCENES into SEQUENCES to create automated production workflows to cover entire broadcasting timelines.
  • Pre-program all operations needed for the entire broadcast, and execute them by a push of a button.
  • A single operator can control sophisticated production timelines with minimal effort.



Easily stream your productions to world wide audiences

  • Selection of predefined popular streaming platforms for easy setup
  • Simultaneous streaming to multiple destinations with individual Start/Stop control
  • Built-in broadcast quality encoder a selection of standard encoder profiles
  • Encoder profiles load/save/edit options for custom streaming setups
  • Superior quality streaming at up to 1080p, 50/60FPS and 10Mbps



A wide range of recording options gives you all the flexibility you need for production and post-production.

  • Full HD recording in MPEG2 Intraframe
    @ 18 Mbps
  • Simultaneous Stream Recording at streaming settings parameters
  • ISO recording of selected camera sources with recording path selection
  • Recorded / remaining time and available disk space monitoring
  • All captured replays recording as separate files per camera with audio files

Multiview - 2nd monitor output options


On the 2nd monitor output Streamstar offers a choice of 3 different multi-view display options

  • 1. PGM Out full screen display
Streamstar PGM
  • 2. All camera channel previews grid
Streamstar Cam grid
  • 3. Combined PGM Out + cameras + graphics layers grid
Streamstar + Cameras + PGM+Inputs

The iPX system offers a combined PGM + all inputs + all 4 DSK layer previews grid with audio level indicators for each channel.
The Multiview output uses the video card HDMI output for various monitoring or distribution purposes.

Audio mixer

Audio Mixer

A full featured Audio Mixer provides perfect control of the audio workflow and all the standard audio for video features.

  • Faders for all cameras, media, aux-in as well as outputs and monitoring options
  • Level and peaking indicators on each fader
  • Solo, mute and audio follow video switches on all input faders
  • Relative levels lock/unlock on PGM master output faders
  • Jump to "0" level by double click on fader functionality on all channels

JVC camcorders IP based CCU


Remotely control up to 8 JVC ProHD streaming camcorders over IP, directly from your Streamstar.

JVC remote control features:
  • Zoom control with presets
  • Tally light control
  • Resolution and bitrate
  • IP video stream destination
  • Recording On/Off
  • Camera full auto/manual modes
  • Iris, Gain, Shutter, WB settings
  • Zero Config - automatic setup
JVC Cam Control

JVC PTZ camera control over IP

PTZ control

Control up to 8 remote JVC PTZ cameras over IP directly from your Streamstar Software.
Create PTZ presets, PTZ groups and PTZ group presets to automate your production. A whole new world of remote production possibilities is now at your command with Streamstar.

JVC PTZ cams remote control features:
  • PTZ camera motion control with presets
  • PTZ camera zoom control with presets
  • PTZ Groups creation with presets
  • Tally light control
  • Camera full auto/manual modes
  • Iris, Gain, Shutter, WB settings
  • Zero Config - automatic setup