Professional Live Sports Graphics - easy, reliable, affordable.



Professional, real-time, live sports graphics solution offering high performance, precise game management features, brilliant graphics and advanced IP technology at an affordable price.
Fine-tuned for optimal performance it comes pre-installed with Streamstar® SCOREPLUS software including a selection of 3 sports modules with beautifully designed graphics and a brilliant user interface that makes live sports production easy and fun again.
Seamless integration with Streamstar live production systems like the Streamstar® X or the Streamstar® CASE series, creates an extremely effective live sports streaming production chain.
Streamstar® SCOREPLUS SERVER can also be used as a standalone sports graphics solution with any live production switcher featuring NDI support.

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  • 2RU form factor
  • Pre-installed Streamstar SCOREPLUS SW
  • Pure SSD architecture
  • 3x sports modules of choice included
  • IP / NDI output (PGM with transparency)
  • HDMI / DP / DVI monitor output
  • Dedicated sports modules GUI
  • Teams, players and leagues database
  • Import of database data
  • Ready to use graphics templates
  • Real-time graphics rendering
  • Graphics templates autofill
  • Internal sports statistics
  • Touch screen enabled GUI
  • Timing systems
  • Clocks, timers, score controls
  • Preview monitor
  • IP / NDI output

Local or remote production with IP/NDI workflow

Streamstar® SCOREPLUS SERVER output is sent over IP/NDI to a Streamstar® live production system
delivering highest quality network TV style sports graphics.

Streamstar SCOREPLUS

Intuitive and efficient

Beautifully designed easy-to-use user interface is a blast to work with.

Streamstar SCOREPLUS


Major Sports Support

Ready to use graphic templates for a selection of popular sports are available.

Streamstar SCOREPLUS Templates
Streamstar SCOREPLUS Modules screen

Fun is back in live sports production.

The modular software architecture of Streamstar® SCOREPLUS allows various sports modules to be loaded into its environment. The user if free to choose which sports modules to use. Streamstar® SCOREPLUS gives you the flexibility and freedom to do what you want. More and more templates will gradually become available and custom templates can be made-to-order.
PC notebook for illustration only
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