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• Can I try the software before I buy?

Yes. Download the software trial version from our website and test it for 30 days.

• What after the trial period ends?

You can continue using the SW with certain limitations to it's functionality.

• What if I want to use the SW after the trial ends with all the functionality?

Purchase a full license in our online store or find a reseller near you.

I have a full/subscription license key. How do I activate it in my trial version?

Run the Streamstar SW, in "Settings" tap/click "About" and tap/click the "Change key" button to change the License key.

• What PC do I need to run Streamstar SW?

Refer to the "Minimal hardware configuration" on our support portal support.streamstar.com.

• Can I install Streamstar SW on my Mac?

No. Streamstar SW runs on Windows OS only.

• What input cards can I use with the Streamstar SW?

The Streamstar Kits include the required input card/s. For Streamstar SW, please refer to the Supported Input cards information on our support portal at support.streamstar.com.

• How can I get a software update?

Software updates are free and you will be notified if an update is available. With a new software version, hardware requirements can change and therefore you could possibly be limited by the hardware of a product you already have or your own hardware.

• On how many machines can I install and use the software?

The license is limited to only one machine at a time. You can of course move the license to another PC, if needed.

• My PC is broken or does not have the power but I already used the license. What should I do?

Uninstall the Streamstar SW from the PC it was originally installed if possible. Install it on the new PC and use the same License key. In case the registration doesn't go through successfully, please contact our support.

• Where can I stream with Streamstar SW?

We support RTMP streaming protocol. There is a full list of tested platforms, including Ustream, DaCast, Akamai, Limelight, Dailymotion, YouTube and servers including Flash Media Server and Wowza. You can stream to any platform that operates on the standard RTMP protocol.

• What video format media files can I use and what formats are for graphics overlays?

Take a look at the technical information document for the detailed specification of supported file formats.

How many camera inputs can I use?

4 cameras at once. Depending on your hardware configuration, you can insert HDMI, SDI and IP inputs into the camera inputs on any desired configuration.

• How many operators do I need to use Streamstar SW with Instant replays and slow motion functionality?

One. Our Instant replays and slow motion solution is unique, and can be operated by a single operator throughout the whole production. This drastically lowers the production costs while maintaining the highest production quality.

• Do you provide any special training for Streamstar SW?

Streamstar SW user interface is designed for speed and operational simplicity. The user interface is so intuitive and the operation so simple, that you don't really need any special training. Just read the basic instructions in the operating manual and as go you will easily pick up its logic. Anyone can operate it in a few minutes.

• I still need some help. What do I do?

Go to our support portal at: support.streamstar.com, where you can find all the information about the configuration and usage of Streamstar SW. If you are unable to find answer to your questions, contact us at support.streamstar.com we will be happy to help you. Don't forget to write down the Serial Number of your SW and describe your problem as best as possible.